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ECSA 2007 encourages submission of papers describing basic and applied research, novel applications and experience reports on all topics related to software architectures (e.g. component-based and service-oriented architectures) including, but not limited to:
  • architecture description languages and metamodels,
  • architectural models, patterns and styles,
  • architecture analysis, validation and verification,
  • architecture transformation and refinement,
  • architecture-based synthesis, code generation,
  • architecture-based support for reconfigurable, adaptive or mobile applications,
  • requirements engineering and software architectures,
  • quality attributes and software architectures,
  • architecture reengineering, recovery,
  • architecture conformance, run-time monitoring,
  • aspect-oriented software architectures,
  • service-oriented architectures,
  • web services: composition, orchestration, choreography,
  • ontology-based approaches for component and architecture description,
  • process and management of architectural decisions,
  • process models and frameworks for architecture-centric software engineering,
  • architecture-centric model driven engineering,
  • architectural features of Model Driven Architecture (MDA),
  • software tools and environments for architecture-centric software engineering,
  • architectural styles and models for applications based on mature and emerging technologies (Web Services, Java/J2EE, .Net, ...)
  • architectural concerns of autonomic systems,
  • component-based models, middleware, component-based deployment,
  • technology of components and component-based frameworks,
  • industrial applications, case studies, best practices and experience reports on software architecture,
  • other aspects and applications related to software architecture.
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