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    What’s Kybele GMF Generator?

    Kybele GMF Generator (also known as KybeleGMFgen) is a new Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) tool for Eclipse Modeling Tools for creating, in only a few steps, graphical editors from manually annotated metamodels and customization files. KybeleGMFgen is based on Eclipse GMF and Eclipse Epsilon projects.


    • It increases the automation level in the GMF editors’ development
    • It generates, in the same process, the Java code for DSL, tree-like editor (EMF) and diagrammer editor (GMF)
    • It facilitates reuse the concrete syntax through using customization files written in EOL (Epsilon Object Language)
    • All process is executed by only one mouse click
    • It’s based on EMF, GMF and Epsilon EuGENia

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