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    Here we will provide with different examples on the use of M2DAT-DB:

    • This Case Study is taken from [1]. Using an “external” case study prevent us from using ad-hoc models that might fit better to our needs. The Online Movie Database (OMDB) is devised to manage information about movies, actors, directors, play writers and movie related information. Users can browse this information on the OMDB website and purchase products (i.e. movie videos, DVDs, books, CDs, and other movie related merchandise).
      The movie information includes the movie title, director, the official movie website, genre, studio, short synopsis, and the cast (i.e. actors and the roles they play in the movie). Each movie has up to 5 external editorial reviews, and unlimited number of user reviews entered by users online.
      OMDB website offers products for sale including movie videos and DVDs. Information about videos and DVDs includes title, rating, list price, release date, and other relevant information.
      OMDB screencast:

    [1] Feuerlicht, G., Pokorný, J., & Richta, K. (2009). Object-Relational Database Design: Can Your Application Benefit from SQL:2003? Paper presented at the 16th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2007), Galway, Ireland.