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    December 22nd, 2010

    A Meta-Tool for the Automatic Generation of Model Transformations.

    Model transformations are the main artefact in any Model-Driven Engineering proposal. However, being software artefacts more effort should be dedicated to apply model-driven principles in the development of model transformations. In this context, MeTAGeM is a Meta-Tool for the Automatic Generation of Model Transformations that makes possible to put into practice the MDE (Model-Driven Engineering) principles for developing model transformations, defining model transformations as models, without considering details of the code implementation.

    In order to do that, MeTAGeM bundles a set of DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages) to model transformations at different levels of abstraction, namely:

    • Platform-independent level, where the developer specifies the relationhips that must hold between the elements of source and target metamodels.
    • Platform-specific level, which combines the previous – specification with the details of an specific progamming style (so far, just the hybrid approach is supported).
    • Platform-dependent level, where the previous transformation is refined into a model for one of the model transformation languages that follows the selected approach (so far, both ATL and RubyTL are supported).
    • Source-code level where the code that implements the model transformation for the selected language is generated.

    Responsable del portal web de MeTAGeM: VerĂ³nica Bollati