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    This section provides instructions on how to manually install and con gure MeTAGeM-Trace:

    1. JVM Installation. JVM 1.6 was used during the development of MeTAGeM-Trace. So, equal or higher version is recommended.
    2. Eclipse and MeTAGeM-Trace installation. There are two options:
      1. Download the MeTAGeM-Trace-Eclipse distribution.It bundles the Eclipse Modeling Tools distribution and the rest of plug-ins required by MeTAGeM-Trace. Extract the zip to a location on your local drive and run Eclipse.
      2. To install Eclipse and MeTAGeM-Trace separately. We need to accomplish the next steps:
        1. Download Eclipse with Modeling Tools integrated. We recommend to download the Eclipse Helios version for compability reasons. Eclipse – Helios
        2. We need to install the next Plugins (EMF 2.6, ATL 3.2, Epsilon 0.9 and MOFScript In the next zip file, we have all plug-ins ready to copy in the Eclipse installation folder. Eclipse Plug-ins
        3. To finish the installation, we need to install the MeTAGeM-Trace plug-ins from the next update site: http://cerbero.escet.urjc.es/metagem-trace/

        In the next video, show how to install Eclipse