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    In order to reduce or eliminate accidental complexity, the user manual is based on a simple case study. However, the following examples show the use of MeTAGeM-Trace in different scenarios.

    Just download the file containing the projects to your local disk and import them projects to your Eclipse’s workspace with

    File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace

    • Families to Persons: the Families2Persons transformation is one of the learning examples provided in the ATL Web site.
    • Class to Relational: the Class2Relational transformation  is a simple yet complete scenario that has been traditionally used as case study to present new approaches or languages for the development of model transformations. The original version can be also downloaded from the ATL Web site.
    • KM3 to XML: the KM32XML transformation maps KM3 models onto
      XML models. The original transformation can be downloaded also from the ATL Web site.
    • UML to XML Schemas: the UML2XMLSchema transformation is one of the transformations bundled in M2DAT-DB, a tool for the development of modern database schemas. It maps conceptual data models, represented by a UML class diagram, into XML Schema models.
    • CPL to SPL: the CPL2SPL Transformation is part of the DSLs coordination for Telephony ATL Use Cases provided in the ATL Use Cases Web site. According to ATL authors, this Use Case is a relatively complex example which handles several aspects of two telephony DSLs: SPL and CPL.