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    User Manual

    This manual shows how to use MeTAGeM-Trace to develop the Families2Persons transformation step-by-step.

    Ph.D. Thesis related documents

    MeTAGeM-Trace is the result of the Ph.D. Thesis of Álvaro Jiménez Rielo:

    • PhD Thesis Dissertation (in Spanish)
    • Slides from the PhD Thesis Defense
    • Thesis Supervisor: Juan M. Vara Mesa, Verónica A. Bollati
    • Thesis Committee: Ernest Teniente, Juan Carlos Trujillo, Jesús J. García, Felix O. García, Esperanza Marcos
    • Thesis defense date: 26/04/2012
    • Department: Computing Languages and Systems II
    • School/Faculty: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática (ETSII), University Rey Juan Carlos